October 2012 Newsletter

Moldow Energy ManagerMoldow energy manager system can give up to 50% power saving on a standard dust extraction system.

A basic installation would consist of an inverter driving the fan offering up to 20% saving.

The system can be installed in stages.

Stage 2, would comprise  automatic dampers fitted to all extraction ductwork droppers and each machine. The dampers would open from a signal from the machine when it is switched on. The dampers will signal to the fan inverter to ramp up to give the required air volume to extract from the machines.

When demand increases when other machines are switched on the automatic  dampers open giving a signal to the fan to speed up, conversely when machines are switched off or when the product stops feeding the fan will ramp down. This will only use the air volume and power needed to extract from machine production which can give up to a total of 50% saving depending on machine usage.

At the third stage the system can start the whole system up on request from initial machine start-up which can also shut the system when the last producing machine is switched off, thus offering a fully automatic system.  The system can also send daily power consumption and machine usage every day via an email correspondence, this information can be accessed  remotely by a pc / ipad.

The system will also reduce noise levels inside and outside the factory and prolong the life of the dust extraction system.

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