May 2013 Newsletter

caterham.jpgCades, specialists in dust & fume extraction, have recently undertaken a contract a little more out of the ordinary thanks to gaining the order for a system to extract carbon fibre dust at the Caterham F1 workshop.

MD Steve Rhodes comments “most of our work is done in factories and other industrial premises so the job at Caterham F1 was a little different to the norm.  The principles of air and particle movement remain the same whether we are putting in a system to remove dust and chips from a woodworking factory or in this case, carbon fibre dust produced during the machining process.

The main visible difference was the cleanliness of the place. You could literally have eaten your dinner off the floor.  Immaculate white floors are not something you would expect in a place working with greasy car parts!”

The team are given the chassis and engine of the car and basically build up the carbon fibre body work to suit.

The two workshop areas needed extraction from the various workstations which all had to be carried out whilst work was still in progress and in a very limited space.  The ducts had to be concealed above existing false ceilings making the work trickier than your usual factory. The installation included a full high pressure vacuum system to give additional cleaning to all the workshop areas.

The Cades installation team had a treat too being driven around the track in one of the cars.

Whatever your requirement for dust, fume or particle extraction, call Cades on 0845 838 6166 to be assured of the best advice and service.