July 2013 Newsletter

Choosing the Right Dust Extraction System

As specialists in chip, dust and fume management equipment, here at Cades we work with many large manufacturing facilities throughout the UK.  There are many different types of dust filter units and if you are unsure of your requirements then help is at hand.  We have an experienced team of design and installation engineers who will work with you and advise which system will suit your requirements and budget.

There are many different types of dust filter units available and choosing the right one to work well with your system can be a difficult decision. Cades can guide you through the options, giving clear understandable advice about the types of filters available and which would be most suitable for your application.

For example, the MHL Filter from Moldow will be beneficial to a large workshop in the woodworking, paper and card or fibre industry.  Designed for continuous operation, heavy dust loads and large air volumes the low operating costs are due to the low energy consumption, high efficiency and flexible process.


Cades cater for all; small joinery shops, welding rooms and school and college classrooms can take advantage of the dust extraction solutions that will improve the air quality in the workplace.

Our Filters are constructed from pre-galvanised panels to form a modular construction and can be expanded as individual demands in air volume increase.  Therefore, if your production line grows, your dust extraction system can grow with you.


Replacing Filter Bags

Fabric filter bags must be replaced every 4 years as a minimum to meet EPA and HSE regulations.   Please contact us to arrange a quotation for changing the bags in your current system.

We stock heavy duty plastic waste collection bags in a variety of sizes suitable for bin / bag filters.  Usually available for immediate dispatch, please call us for prices or use or online order form here.