January 2013 Newsletter

It’s a fact that during the winter months, more things seem to break down.  Despite being extremely durable, dust extraction systems are no exception.  Downtime on your system can cause major delays in productivity but a few simple checks can help keep your equipment in good working order.

Keep hold of our checklist to help keep your system in tip top condition.

Ensure you study your system’s safety recommendations before launching any kind of activity and do not attempt any work whilst machinery is in operation as this could cause serious injury. For repair, only use original parts.


Maintenance Interval

Extraction hoods


Fixed ductwork

Check for damage, dust accumulation, correct position and adjust as required. Ensure objects are not blocking the hood openings

Check operation of slide dampers (ensure correct management of opening & closing dampers to obtain maximum performance /efficiency from the system).

Are the flow meters (where fitted) operating correctly, inspect for leaks, dust accumulation / blockages







Flexible ductwork

Check condition of flexible duct for damage, holes caused by wear, kinking or folding, restrictions from offcuts etc. Weekly

Filter plant

Filter media

Filter body

Service extraction equipment

Check for wear / lubricate bearings

Check gauge for pressure drop (where fitted)

Check for emissions

Check suspension of bags, seating of bags at base of filter section, damage to bags resulting in holes

Replace filter media

Check for wear / dust leaks

6-12 Months

3 Months





4 Years

6 Months



Service Fan set

Comprehensive vibration test by a specialised fan engineer


12 Months

12 Months

When we receive calls from customers with system problems, there are several areas we ask them to check to ascertain what could be causing the issue:-

  1. Check for water ingress to the filter.
  2. Check for loose electrical connections, particularly to the motors and switches.
  3. Check the belt tension.
  4. Is the skip full? – When it’s bad weather people don’t check this as frequently as they should!

Remember, we have expert engineers available to help so call us on 0845 838 6166 for assistance if you experience any problems.