JHK Filter with chain conveyor

The JHK Moldow chain conveyor filter has been designed for large air volumes and heavy

JHK Filter with Chain Conveyor

JHK Filter with Chain Conveyor

loads of material.  The filter can operate 24 hours and is suitable for air volumes from 15,000 to 200,000 m3h.  It is an efficient filter, enabling possible return of warm filtrate air if allowed by local authorities.

The filter is built up in galvanized modules as a totally enclosed unit for outdoor placement either on the ground or on the roof.  The waste material is transported to the end of the filter for pressure less discharge through a rotary valve.  A reinforced hopper is supplied with the filter with a drive station and chain conveyor to discharge the material from the hopper.  The filte rcan be delivered with automatic bag cleaning by regeneration blowers, cleaning either during production breaks or continuously by means of stepless adjustment of the cleaning intermission.  The filter bags are made of an anti-static material and are very easy to change.

The filter is built up in modules and each section includes an inspection or explosion door with the filter manufactured in accordance with EU directives.

The modular design of the filter facilitates any extension of the filter with suits companies that are growing and expanding their production in the future.