Filter Energy Management System

Thanks to the wonders of wireless technology you can now significantly reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions with the Filter Energy Management System from Cades.  This is a cheaper and simpler compared to other options and it will work with any dust extraction system.

The wireless enabled dampers are interfaced into the woodworking machines and will automatically close when the machine no longer requires extraction.  Existing manual dampers can be inexpensively altered to suit the system.  A signal is sent to the fan inverter to reduce the fan speed which in turn reduces the energy consumption.  It has been proven that a 10% reduction in fan speed will provide a 30% reduction in energy consumption.

By adding a simple piece of technology to your Electrical Control Panel, the whole system can be controlled from the panel or remotely from your PC.  You can access the control panel from a standard web browser to view the current plant operation and change settings to maintain optimum control.  Trending data can be downloaded straight onto an Excel spreadsheet giving you a full picture of how making adjustments to your production can affect your energy consumption.  An optional time clock system is available to automatically start the filter units and put them into clean down.  Individual fans can be turned on and off to suit differing shift start and stops times.

The benefits of using the Filter Energy Management System include:

  • Works with any extraction system
  • Low installation costs due to the wireless connection between the damper units and control panel.
  • No expensive re-wiring costs when the machinery is moved
  • Wireless system ranges up to 30 metres without the need of repeater stations.
  • Inverter reduces mechanical shock to the fan sets thus lengthening bearing and drive belt life.
  • Inverter drives can be programmed to cap the maximum amount of power used during start up to avoid excess peak demand.
  • Filter bag life extended due to lower filter air volume.

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