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Why should I choose Cades?

We are well aware how daunting it can be choosing a company to work with on a large project. It is of high importance that you check they have done similar work many times. In addition to providing top quality products, we have an excellent reputation for solving the problems where other companies have failed.  Check out our testimonials page to see what other highly satisfied customers have to say.

What information do I need to provide for you to give me a price?

For extraction system quotes, we would always visit your premises and make detailed notes of your current layout and find out what you want to achieve.  Due to the number of factors which can affect the cost, it is not usually possible to give an estimate simply from talking to you on the telephone.

Things to consider before our visit would include:

  • What are your future plans?
  • Are the machines staying as is, relocating or being added to or replaced? (Volumes and number of proposed hours working would be needed)
  • What is the main thing you want out of a new system?

For supply only quotes, please telephone us or complete our online enquiry form.

How long will an extraction filter last?

A good quality extraction filter will last for many years, 20 – 25 years is not unusual providing it has been correctly maintained.  This is why you need to make sure you buy the right filter at the outset and opt for a modular filter which can be added to or moved in the future should you need it.

My extraction system isn’t working properly, do I need a new one?

Probably not.  There are many things which can affect the operation of your current system which are often easily resolved.  Sometimes the filter might not be big enough but often it is more to do with how the ductwork has been installed, the motor or fan may be too small or sometimes we have found systems where the fan is simply running in the wrong direction! This is why is it imperative you contact industry experts and don’t waste your money on a solution which will only give limited improvements.