Decorative Panels – Moldow Dust Extraction System

Following the successful installation of the large dust extraction system at Decorative Panels’ new factory in 2011 the contract has now been secured by Cades to update the old Moldow system currently in operation at the Teesside site which has served them well for over 20 years.

Before the relocation to the 175,000 square foot manufacturing unit in Elland, West Yorkshire, DP were running two smaller factories fitted with traditional positive pressure type chain filters.  These systems had worked well over the years but the rising cost of electricity meant they required a more energy efficient system. 

Along came Cades with their new Moldow Dust Extraction system controlled by the super-efficient Moldow Energy Manager System allowing the factory to increase their production to 24 hours, 7 days a week.   This new facility with state of the art dust extraction equipment meant a faster turnaround, enabling Decorative Panels to manufacture 4 years’ worth of furniture production over the last 19 months. 

The great cost saving and profitability from this new system has reinforced the decision for DP to go ahead with updating the old dust extraction system at the Teesside Factory.  Cades have been tasked with installing a new system without causing too much disruption to the factory.  Installation has been arranged over the Christmas period and Cades are currently building the filter units offsite and will ship the components over to Teesside on low loaders.

Decorative Panels new Moldow Filter Unit, Work in Progress